CCS Preconstruction


CCS Preconstruction is the most comprehensive mobile based risk management platform available in the construction industry. CCS Preconstruction enables companies to manage and audit all portions of risk across their construction projects.  

Preconstruction is managed through the mobile application by accessing best practice questions and providing an actionable way to make sure those risk issues are closed. Companies can post their own procedures or even create their own file cabinet structure and post their own files. All of these documents are then available on every mobile device around the world in real time.

The Preconstruction categories vary by evaluating bids, designs, estimates, resources, contracts, joint venture agreement structures and even change orders. The mobile application even provides for more advanced auditing of construction projects such as communication, quality, warehousing and customer satisfaction.

Are you a company that is looking to expand in a new geographic area or thinking about going to an international destination? This mobile app is ideal for asking the right questions and creating actionable items for all parties to follow up on, and implement complete transparency to eliminate the risk in the process.

The mobile app also allows you to take any paper-based form that you have within the company, digitize it, and make it available on any mobile device for any employee worldwide at any time.

By coupling this mobile app with the client website ( every company is able to see real-time analytic risk dashboards as well as observations being made.

CCS Preconstruction also allows you to capture Lessons Learned from all employees in real-time. It’s like having a 24/7/365 suggestion box in everyone’s pocket to allow them to communicate with the executives of the company. Each lesson learned is then able to be followed up to create a continuous Improvement cycle within any company.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Analytics provide specific areas where risk is concentrated
  • Filter risk by severity across your organization
  • Best in class questions in over 100 preconstruction categories
  • Categories and questions customized by project
  • Company News of the Day
  • Customize reports and website with logo
  • Dramatic reduction of rework
  • Ease of implementation - usually less than one hour
  • Email reports with photos, notes and severity level
  • Innovative Lessons Learned program
  • Preconstruction News delivered to your mobile device
  • Reduce Risk and Lower Costs
  • Mobile application based with back end website administration and analytics
  • Mobile Form creation capability
  • More efficient startup and commissioning
  • More time delivery of facility
  • Offline Capability
  • Securely share data within your company and industry
  • Transparent, real time risk audits