CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS is a way for companies to review Critical Path Method schedules against a comprehensive set of industry best practices to ensure that project schedules are completed on time.  The best practices are assembled from over 50 different sources and aggregated into one practical application for ease of use.

CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS contains over 3,000 best practice questions to determine the quality of any critical path schedule.  The categories are broken down by baseline schedule, design schedule review, startup and commissioning schedule review, progress schedule update, and recovery schedule.  There is also a category for reviewing contract specifications to ensure that contracts contain the most up to date language and provisions.  There is also the ability to create custom categories with a customized mix of questions which can be configured for each company.

The application allows companies to create projects and then create schedule issues based on benchmarking against industry best practices.   Each issue is highlighted on the mobile app in a “View all Open Issues” tab to ensure that each issue is closed for accountability.  

By providing a way for schedule issues to be aggregated in a prescriptive manner, companies are able to plot schedule trends across a project, a program, a company or across divisions.

CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS also contains a Schedule News feed which provides scheduling news items on a periodic basis in order to review current issues from the industry.

The mobile application also works offline which allows reviews to be performed without the need for cellular or Wi-Fi, ideal for environments where there is not always Internet available.

The mobile application also provides graphical analytics to display how many reviews have been completed and how many issues are outstanding over time.

As with every CCS mobile application, CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS also has a way for companies to track Lessons Learned to allow companies to track process/contract/procedural changes for continuous improvement.

CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS also allows companies to digitize any form and make it available via their employees mobile devices in conjunction with

CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS also allows companies to upload procedures and process and make it available via their employees mobile devices in conjunction with

CCS SCHEDULE REVIEWS also contains a file cabinet feature which allows companies to upload documents and make it available to their employees via their employees mobile devices in conjunction with

In order to access and log into the mobile application, a user must be provided a user name and password from

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Features & Benefits:

  • Implement Best Practice CPM Schedule Reviews based on global knowledge sharing platform
  • Reduce project delays by ensuring that CPM schedules are quality-driven
  • Reduces schedule review times through real-time KPIs
  • Track and perform schedule reviews by category (Pre Scheduling Conference, Baseline, Progress Update and Recovery) for unlimited number of projects
  • Coordinate schedule workflows between organizations
  • Compare contract schedule specification requirements against industry best practices
  • Real time performance metrics to drive accountability and transparency
  • Deconstructs complex contract schedule requirements into easy to understand reviews
  • Ensure that all project partners certify schedule quality using a transparent prescriptive analysis
  • Develop comprehensive lessons learned module to implement continuous improvement cycles
  • Provides innovative tracking mechanism to differentiate companies with new clients
  • Fully integrates with all CCS risk management modules